Balance Transfer Credit Card Benefits of Competition

The balance transfer credit card is one of the starkest examples of how competition benefits the end consumer. Consumers with good credit and high credit card usage can use balance transfer credit card to save dollars from a few hundred to much more depending on their credit card usage and the amount of balance transfer.

In simple terms, if you have good credit, companies are looking to provide the offer, even if they do so at a lower rate of interest. You benefit from low interest and they acquire a valuable customer. So, a balance transfer credit card enables you to transfer your existing balance or even debt to a credit card with low or no interest.

Credit Card Balance Transfers Math

A look at the math of a credit card balance transfer will make the situation clearer. For instance, suppose you apply for balance transfer credit card from a reputed online vendor. Now, your interest on credit card debt runs up to, say $1450 dollars a year at an average with your credit card that has an APR of 10.99% assuming you have a good credit rating. Now the competing credit card company offers you a credit card with a 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months. By making a simple balance transfer to your new credit card, you save on one years credit card interest. Now that is math that one can live with!

Shopping Guide To Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Initially consider the size of the balance transfers to be made, and correspondingly the amount of financial gain that follows. The period of 0% APR is important, how much credit do you expect to use, and correspondingly how much interest will you save from credit card balance transfers during the offer.
Do the balance transfers incur a transaction fee and if so how much? Consider how long the introductory APR lasts and the APR after that in your calculations. And, as always, be sure to read the fine print. You dont want to encounter unexpected costs. The best offer sometimes is not the one with the lowest rate of interest.

Balance Transfer Trivia

The best type of balance transfer credit cards are the ones with a 0% rate of interest. Many companies have begun offering such cards, at an incredible introductory period of up to one year. It is possible to transfer your debt to a credit card with a 0% APR, and then retransfer it to another one at the end of the introductory APR period on the existing card. However this is not a recommended action as it can result in a lower credit rating for you. Credit card balance transfers can be done online; most companies offer this system of balance transfer.

Credit Card Balance Transfers In A Nutshell

Substantial savings can result if you get you balance transfer credit card arithmetic right. Before applying for one look, be sure to look at the fine print. Good financial sense with credit card balance transfers can make for good finances. If you have spent substantially utilizing “plastic” money, a balance transfer credit card just might make good financial sense for you.

A Word About Child Medical Insurance

We love our children. From the moment we realize they are making their way into this world, we begin making plans for them. We want the best of everything for them, from homes and communities to schools and activities. We strive to raise them in safe, healthy, nurturing environments in hopes that they will grow into and remain safe, healthy, nurturing adults throughout their lives.

Child medical insurance must be included in our plans for our children. Children are constantly growing and exploring. They are active little people who spend a lot of time running, tumbling, playing sports, and creating potentially dangerous little games of their own. Plus, classrooms full of children are perfect breeding grounds during the cold and flu season. If your daughters best friend has a cold, you can safely bet that your daughter will have the sniffles within a few days, too. Inevitably our children will get sick, hurt, need medicine or x-rays once in a while or even more often!

The health and safety of our children is our most important goal. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in situations when our jobs dont offer medical insurance. It is easier to tell ourselves not right now when it comes to treating a medical problem, but it is not that easy to tell our children not right now when they are running a dangerously high fever and ask us to help them feel better.

If you do not have medical insurance covered by your place of employment, or you are covered by medical insurance you purchase yourself, you need to stop and think about the medical insurance of your child. If you are not covered, or can not afford medical insurance for yourself or your child, there are agencies out there that will help you. You can find affordable, and sometimes even free, child medical insurance that will cover dental, vision, and health costs for your child.

Enjoy Rewards Programs With The Chase Platinum Credit Card

JPMorgan Chase and Co. is a leading banking as well as financial provider. Chase offers its customers both small and large business banking, investments and insurance as well as personal banking facilities.

Chase Manhattan has come up with the Chase Platinum Credit Card that offers its privileged cardholders significant rewards programs and maximum value.

Benefits Of The Card

If you are on the lookout for a credit card that comes with a low interest rate and a good rewards program, then the Platinum Visa Card is suitable for you.

The card has a 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR). The introductory offer on APR usually continues for 12 months but ultimately it depends on your balance transfers, purchases and credit background. With the termination of the introductory period, a regular APR of 14.24% sets in. The card comes without any annual fee and provides a flexible rewards program.

The card gives you the opportunity earn one point for spending every dollar on purchases. Your points can add up to 60000 each year. The points are redeemable for a time-period of five years from the date of accrual. You have the liberty of converting your points into select merchandise or can ask for cash back. You also have the scope of trading in your points for gift cards or for meeting travel expenses.

Other Benefits

The Chase Platinum Credit Card offers a free of interest grace period that lets you pay your full bill per month. The card further allows certain platinum benefits, like free online access in order to let you make monthly payments, view your account, available credit and outstanding balance.

The cardholder must keep in mind that the credit card makes use of a costly method of computing balances and is thus unsuitable for the cardholder if he/she plans to carry a balance. Even if you desire to carry an occasional large revolving balance, the card will not be appropriate for you, as the card uses the Two Cycles Average Daily Balance method for determining the finance charges. This costs more in comparison to the Average Daily Balance method that is used by most of the other credit card issuers.

The free travel services of the credit card include $500000 Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance and auto rental insurance. The facilities of the Chase Platinum Credit Card are convenient for dependable consumers seeking a decent credit card with an excellent rewards program.

Added Advantages

The Chase Platinum Credit Card like most of the other credit cards, offer its customers different Internet account related services, no liability for unauthorized transactions, and extended warranty for purchases.

The card also provides emergency card and cash replacement, lost and stolen card reporting, a financial statement at the end of the year and other facilities to the cardholder. However, it is essential to go through the restrictions, exclusions and limitations that are applicable.

Meet Deadlines and Earn Profit via Tax Preparation Outsourcing

Tax preparation is the information given out by an individual or an organization to a government body declaring all liabilities for taxation. Everyone wants to pay their taxes in time and be free of the tax liability as soon as it is possible. Accounting firms and CPAs can undertake tax preparation outsourcing to meet the heavy rush from customers during the tax paying season. If you do not have your tax returns prepared in time, the whole process of tax paying can get really complicated and you can end up losing sleep over it.

Outsourcing means to take business or other process of a company to an outside firm. Many processes including tax return preparation, accounting, bookkeeping has been successfully outsourced to many outsourcing companies. Tax preparation outsourcing has many benefits and more and more accounting firms and CPAs are increasingly undertaking the process. The process enables accounting firms to meet customer demand and earn profit for their firm.

The first benefit of outsourcing is that you will be able to meet huge customer demand without the addition of any new staff and also without any new financial investment. Tax return outsourcing lets an accounting firm hire the services of offshore tax return calculating professionals. Most of the outsourcing work is done by professionals in the third world countries. These countries have enormous manpower and they are also highly qualified. So, you get professionals with the best capability to do the work for you and meet client demands and deadlines.

If you undertake tax return outsourcing for your firm, you will not have to spend a single extra dime. This is possible simply because the outsourcing work is done in countries where the monetary value is much lower than USD. This means that the money which you pay for your outsourcing work is much lower than what you would require for paying an employee in the US. Also you do not have to spend extra for insurance and other employee benefits.

It is not so simple to find a good outsourcing company which will do tax preparation outsourcing for you. No doubt there are plenty of firms which provide outsourcings service to clients, but you need to scout around a lot to find the best outsourcing company to do the work for your firm. The firm must be perfectly efficient in doing all types of accounting and tax return outsourcing work for you.

The one thing which you must check in a firm providing tax return outsourcing is the security features which they have in place. In this internet age online security is of vital importance to anybody. Increasing online fraud and identity theft has made people skeptical about disclosing their personal information and financial data online. See if the security measures of the outsourcing company are stringent enough to protect your customer identity and data. If you are satisfied with all the services provided then only go ahead and hire their services. There is no dearth of companies providing tax return outsourcing, so never settle for the second best option.

Dreams can be Secured with Unsecured Tenant Loans

Tenants, Students, PGs and all such people have one thing in common when we talk about applying for a loan. Can you guess what??? Yes the similarity is that none of them have any property of their own to offer as collateral. So they will be in trouble when the need for money arises. But as all problems have solution, here also there is a solution called unsecured tenant loan.

Why one should go for an unsecured tenant loan?

Unsecured tenant loans are easily available in the market. These loans come with large number of benefits which makes them distinct among other standard forms of loans. These benefits are:

Easy and apt way of getting finance from outside resource.

Tenants and home owners can easily apply.

Freedom for fear of loosing your asset as there is no collateral involved

Loan available for people with bad credit also (like defaults, arrears, CCJs and IVAs, bankrupts etc) depending upon the lender.

Faster approvals as valuation of collateral is not their.

Better interest rates are available with increasing competition among loan lenders in the market.

How can I use the loan amount?

An unsecured tenant loan can be used for any of the borrower personal needs. Most of the lenders dont even ask for the purpose for which you are applying for the loan. You can use the amount for consolidation of debts, business financing, wedding expenses, childrens education etc.

How much can I get as a loan amount?

Amounts ranging from ₤1000 to ₤25000 can easily be applied under an unsecured tenant loans. But you are recommended to only apply amounts which you can repay afterwards or you will be in deep trouble afterwards. So determine your ability to repay before applying. However you can also apply for larger amounts if circumstances allow it.

Where can I get the best unsecured tenant loan?

There are lot many lenders in the market with such attractive packages which you cant resist. Finding such genuine deals in the market may be a tougher job for you. So to save your time and energy you can go for online option to search and apply. Most of the reputed lenders have their own website. You have to just log on to their websites to find out the package which suits you the best in terms of interest rate and terms of repayment. For your help there are several comparison tools, loan calculators, Repayment calculators etc which will guide you to your way of getting financed.
Unsecured tenants loan can cover up the gap between you and your desires all you needs is to do little bit of hard work in form of research for a good lender and then apply for such loan.

Life Insurance – Who Needs It

Life Insurance cover provides either a lump sum or an income at the untimely death of a person. Therefore, any one who’s death would create a financial loss to an alternate has a necessity for life insurance cover. This should/should come with the ensuing: –

Parties to a Mortgage or indeed a loan (mortgage life insurance cover)
Anyone with dependents (at the same time as a parent may now not work, without a doubt there would be a financial loss if anything else were to happen simultaneously there are small children to be cared for)
Key Individuals. Where a business would suffer financial loss at the death of an essential employee.

In essence any situation where monetary loss will be incurred may just possibly have a necessity for life insurance cover.

630,000 other people within the united kingdom will die this year* *source:National Statistics, Winter 2002

Different types of Cover

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is as it suggests taken out for a specified variety of years at outset. With this type of policy you are merely paying for the duvet provided based totally in your age, health and the term. Therefore, it is crucial to acquire the most competitive term life insurance quote for the quilt provided. It is conceivable to take out term life insurance which will pay level lump sums, decreasing lump sums (mortgage life insurance cover) or regular payments (source of revenue).

Whole of Life

As the name suggests, potentially, this sort of policy will provide cover through an individuals life time. However, when obtaining an entire of life insurance quote, as well as level of premium there are other aspects to be regarded as, such as investment performance, effect of charges, financial strength of the corporate.

Which one?

There are just right arguments for both kind of policy. We’d suggest that the ensuing can make up the principle considerations: –

Cost – Whole of Life insurance, more often than not of thumb is often the more expensive sort of product.
Period that cover is needed – If cover is needed for a particular period i.e. a Mortgage then Term cover may be more appropriate
Future Plans – If, for instance a own family is planned, then whole of life can offer the pliability to extend cover for this or other like events.


Critical Illness(CI) now provides an equally important receive advantages and we might strongly recommend that you view the CI Factsheet.


This artice is meant merely as a rough guide to the needs and options surrounding Life Assurance. It is in no way a comprehensive outline to anyones particular requirements. It would be, therefore, wise to use this as a guide and search for more comprehensive advice, via a professional Independent Financial Adviser. All advisers are Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and at the moment are required to clarify their status to you (either independent and fee charging, independent but paid by commission best, or tied)